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Artist 1. Howard lee


Born and raised in Manchester I received my first tattoo while serving in the Armed Forces at the age of 21. That event opened a window to a whole new career for me. I've always felt passionate about art and design from a young age. A friend asked me to design a tattoo for him and thats were it all began. I was constantly browsing tattoo magazines and websites looking for inspiration and ideas.

I started tattooing professionally in 2001. As I progressed I found a love for portraits and black and grey work but as time went on I found a new love of bright colour work. I opened Droylsden Tattoo in 2007 and we have grown into one of the top studios in the North West. We often attend major tattoo conventions around the country witch is helping us to reach our goals. I have recently recieved sponsorship from New Image Tattoo Supplies.

If you have and idea or would like some help finding the correct tattoo for you please give me a call or call in to the studio and we will do our  best to help you find your next Tattoo.


Cheers Howard Lee


Artist 2. Steven Wood

Born in Manchester Woody has been tattooing for 4 years now with Droylsden Tattoo and started out as Howard's apprentice. "Being old school friends makes working with Howard a great job, and the banter around the studio great fun". I'm still working on building my customer base but getting there. The good thing with working with other artists are the ideas that fly around the studio and we help each other with customers designs. Call in to see us you won't want to leave!!!

Apprentice. Jamie Jamieson


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